About Us

Company INTECONFERENCE LTD is engaged in organizing and conducting educational and practical activities since 1998. Our company is one of the first in Western Europe, which recognized the importance of dialogue between East and West in the sphere of industrial relations.
At present, our company is one of the leaders of the short-term training for the largest companies from CIS countries and the EU. We specialize in energy, legal, financial and management topics and conduct activities in the major cities of Europe, North America, Asia and CIS countries.
In 2000, with substantial experience in organizing business meetings, conferences and forums in various industries, and based on the extensive professional relationships with managers and specialists of the leading companies in the world, opinion leaders and experts representing government, financial and business, science and technology, INTECONFERENCE LTD opened a new area of corporate training - namely, seminars "on demand", thus significantly increase the opportunity for in-depth study of all aspects of business strategies in different market sectors, while maintaining the highest quality of service at affordable prices.
Each year we arrange more than 12 exclusive large-scale international conferences, 50 specialized seminars and more than 100 business meetings with potential clients and partners from leading European companies. Each year our event attracts more than 2,000 top managers from Russian, Kazakh, Ukrainian and European companies. More than 80% of our customers are regular participants of our conferences and seminars.

Our events attract not only businesses but also well-known politicians and public officials. Events organized by INTECONFERENCE LTD are the reliable source of current information to familiarize professionals with international experience, thus enhancing the competitiveness and growth in the value of client companies.

The basis of our work is professionalism; therefore we attract the best in the business.
Among the many partners INTECONFERENCE LTD, directly involved in our conferences and forums, such organizations as the International Finance Corporation (the structure of the World Bank), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, London Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange, London Metal Exchange, International Petroleum Exchange, banks, world-renowned universities and many other international organizations.

Among the client companies constantly collaborating with INTECONFERENCE LTD Gazprom, Naftogaz Ukrainy, Temir Joly (Kazakhstan Railways), Kazakhtelecom, KMG, Kazenergoatom and many others.
Our French office was opened in 2000 in response to growing demand for workshops in various parts of France and continental Europe. With the opening of offices in France, INTECONFERENCE LTD organizes numerous seminars and conferences in Paris, Metz, Nice, Barcelona, Rome, Luxembourg, Madrid and many other cities. Office continues to expand its European presence.
We pride ourselves on our experience and knowledge, his devotion to our clients, their relationships with partners and our ability to improve the situation through the provision of knowledge.

What we offer

With its special experienced bilingual team in London, Paris as well as partners based in Moscow, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Kiev, New York, Geneva, Singapore and Malaysia, INTECONFERENCE LTD has developed a wide range of programs (now more than 125 programs) for different branches of the organization of activities for them in various countries around the world.
Our goal is to create effective business relationships for client companies - clients, striving to develop and grow. We help our customers improve their professional knowledge and skills to re-evaluate, test and understand their potential for further expansion of cooperation and a significant improvement in the productivity of enterprises and companies.

Our advantages

Stability - more than 12 years in the international education market

Quality - Lecturers and experts from the leading global companies

Professionalism - Wide range of programs and services

Versatility - A specialized program commissioned by a client company

Efficiency - Working in small groups 

Confidence - In 2010 80% of our clients have participated in our events repeatedly

We are the only company in England, which offers training and certification programs for ACCA in Russian.

Our principles:

  • Honesty and loyalty
  • Professionalism
  • Reliability
  • Striving to improve and enhance our skills 

Individual approach to each client allows us to find solutions based on the deep understanding of business and customer problems, its core competencies and capabilities for successful development.
Loyalty, trust and mutual respect, multiplied by the professionalism - this is the formula of successful cooperation that we offer.